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What we do

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Treatments include:

Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release

Therapeutic Ultrasound


Fitness Training Guidance

Lifestyle Advice

Joint Manipulation/Mobilisation

Exercise Rehabilitation and Hypnotherapy 


What to expect

We understand that it can take a lot to get in touch. There are many myths surrounding chiropractors; some people think all we do is crack bones and others think chiropractic is only effective for back pain - neither of which are true!

At Davies Chiropractic & Sports Therapy Clinic we are qualified in a variety of soft tissue techniques and various other treatment modalities. We have years of experience in treating patients, and offer a professional approach and a friendly service tailored specifically to your needs.

Your initial examination consists of a full case history, health screen and orthopaedic and neurological examinations tailored to your problem. The results of these examinations will be discussed with you, and in most cases a diagnosis is given on this visit.

If we think you need a referral for further tests, this will also be advised and actioned with your permission. The duration of each visit can vary as it is determined by us to ensure appropriate time and care is always provided.



Injury rehabilitation

Improving your fitness level

Understanding effective training

Improving general well-being

Weight loss

We promote exercise rehabilitation for all our patients to aid a speedy and successful recovery

"Our speciality is holistic care, so we aim to treat the cause as well as the symptom"

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